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DL380 G4 suspected array controller error

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DL380 G4 suspected array controller error



had to re-register as forum no longer accepted any of my details.


Anywho basically i rebooted one of my servers last friday due to some windows updates

and have not been able to get online since

just sits there saying "attempting to boot from hard drive c:"


at first i assumed the updates had somehow broken windows install (win2008 std 32bit)

but it soon came apparent that it wasnt even getting as far as trying to load the os

if i put the HD's into another server it will at least attempt to boot to windows .


i have also tried creating a fresh install on the problem server with some spare HD's, but firstly smartstart will no longer load, ive tried 3 different versions.

Eventually i got a install DVD of server 2008 to boot but the windows install process despite detecting the HD's is complaining that the controller is disabled in bios and will not let me proceed.

i can see no issues in bios or on boot up, ILo, or raid config , everything appears to be working normally apart from the fact it will not attempt to boot to the HD's

it will also not boot to the USB key utility (but not sure if this was because was created on a different DL380 g4 machine?), as i t is complaing that the firmware needs updating, but i can see no way to acheive this at the moment

i have tried putting the HD in different bays, again no difference.


is there any other way to reset or update firmware or bios on these servers?

many thanks