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DL380 G4

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DL380 G4


I wonder if someone can shed some light on a problem that has been affecting us for a week or two now.

We have a single DL380 GL4 with two processors running at 3.0GHz. The server runs a SQL Application which runs on SQL 2005.

For the last couple of weeks the main CPU is maxing out at 100% and the second processor is doing little more than 10%

The SQLSERVR.EXE is taking around 50% of CPU and System Idle is taking the other 50%.

Just wondered if anyone has had this issue before as It's proving difficult to spot if it's the hardware causing the software to 'Run High' or the software causing a hardware problem.

Essentially I need to discover why the processors are not balancing the workload.

Many thanks.
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Re: DL380 G4

The following Microsoft KB article will give you information on the 'Max degree of parallelism' and the 'affinity mask' options of SQL server. These can be configured to allow queries to be spread across multiple CPUs (and cores) for parallell processing.
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