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DL380 G5 Dual CPU Features

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DL380 G5 Dual CPU Features

Hi, we have a couple of DL380 G5 servers, we currently have a single E5310 1.6 GHz installed in each.


Were looking at adding an additional CPU to each server to increase processing power and for redundancy.


I've searched the forum and spent a good amount of time googling, but I'm yet to find anything stating the config options\features available in the dual CPU config...


Does this config give us redundancy, can one CPU fail and the machine remain in service?


If this machine is capable of CPU failover, is this as a 'hot-spare' or can we benefit from the performance boost & the hardware redundancy in the same configuration?


Responses will be greatly appriciated as this information is needed to complete a proposal.








Re: DL380 G5 Dual CPU Features



Dual CPU gives more processing power but also takes more power from power supply.

Dual CPU does not mean redundancy, if any one CPU fails, the server wont POST.


If you are adding second CPU, just make sure both the CPU in the server are of same frequency, clock speed, stepping.

Before adding second CPU do update the BIOS to the latest version.


Fore more information see the below docs:

HP ProLiant Servers - Memory (DIMM) and Processor (CPU) Handling or Removing Guidelines

Mixing Processors with Different Speeds, Cache Sizes, Number of Cores, or Rated Maximum Power Consumption Is Not Supported in ProLiant 300/400/500-Series Servers


HP ProLiant DL380 G5 Server - "805 -Unsupported Processor Detected" Error on POST After Upgrading from Dual-Core to Quad-Core Processors




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Re: DL380 G5 Dual CPU Features

In case of CPU Failure:


If CPU 1 fail, it won't run.


If CPU 2 fail, it will do an ASR, disable the failed CPU, log an event in the IML, and run on the remaining CPU(s).

If it got more than 2 CPU's (500/700/900 series), behaviour for CPU 2 applay to the other CPU's (CPU 1 failure will still stop the server).





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Re: DL380 G5 Dual CPU Features

Thanks for the prompt responses guys.