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DL380 G5 Hang

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DL380 G5 Hang

Last Thursday a client's DL380 G5 was hung (hanging?). Could not get to machine from WAN or LAN using RDP or even ping.
Not providing AD services, so no one could log into network or even get DHCP address. No one could get to web.
Only a hard reset would bring it to life, but even then, no AD and no web even from the server itself. Another reboot and, thank goodness, all was ok.
Nothing in event logs to indicate problem before it dumped.
Server is running SBS 2003 R2 with Exchange, MOS 2007, Quickbooks, plus File/Print for about 30 accounts (only 8 use File/App/Print)
System is RAID 1 + 5 with 3 GB memory.

Machine also hosts Trend Micro SMB AV. Trend log indicated 2 viruses detected but not cleaned. "Virus type: Entire network" Trend was not helpful and said "it must have cleared itself."

I am not a fan of mystery dumps like this and client wants explanation of what happened and I would like the ability to figure it out.

HP SIM is running and I found this article as a possible cause

Any help with my post mortem is greatly appreciated!
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Re: DL380 G5 Hang

Any chance you're running iLO 1.9 drivers? We had some ASRs in those, so if you have "Automatic System Recovery" disabled, it would probably look as you described. Check in the BIOS for the ASR setting.

Also, are there no reported issues in the Integrated Management Log (IML)? You can check via iLO or System Management Homepage (SMH) if it's installed. It's very rare that something would happen system-level without being reported there.