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DL380 G5 NC373i troubleshooting steps - How to


DL380 G5 NC373i troubleshooting steps - How to

Users report slow response time.
I'm asking for help in troubleshooting the nic's to rule them out. What steps should I take in what order?
What would be a good nic to replace the on board nic's with?
I started out by upgrading the nic's firmware and drivers, and upgrading the Nic Team Util from version 8 to 9. This seem to cause more problems.
I disabled the teaming by removing the check from the HP Nic Team Util box in the Local Area Connection properties. I deleted the nics in Device Manager and let Windows rediscover and reinstall them. I've disabled one nic, and disconnected the drop cable. I've swapped out drop cables. Network Admin has checked the port settings and reports no errors on the switch ports, they are set to auto / auto.

How can I determine if errors are occurring on the nic's? How do I restart the HP Nic Team util? I don't see it in the system tray.

Windows 2003 32 bit standard O/S.
Primary purpose - Web server. Several ip addresses assigned to one nic.
Driver Provider - HP
Driver Date - 10/4/2007
Driver Version -

What are the recommended settings for these
Advanced Settings?

802.1p QOS - Disabled
Ethernet@Wirespeed - Enabled
Flow Control - Auto
IPv4 Checksum Offload - Tx/Rx Enabled
IPv4 Large Send Offload - Enabled
Locally Administered Address - Not Present
Receive Side Scaling - Enable
Speed and Duplex - Auto

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Re: DL380 G5 NC373i troubleshooting steps - How to

read the whole sorry tale here...
if you're not using PSP 8 then start there
does netstat -s show errors?

Re: DL380 G5 NC373i troubleshooting steps - How to

Guess we'll be ordering Intel nic's after reading that thread\novel. Thanks for the link, and the netstat cmd.

Results of netstat -s
IPv4 Statistics

Packets Received = 13213045
Received Header Errors = 115
Received Address Errors = 27880
Datagrams Forwarded = 0
Unknown Protocols Received = 0
Received Packets Discarded = 712404
Received Packets Delivered = 13192698
Output Requests = 11847901
Routing Discards = 0
Discarded Output Packets = 0
Output Packet No Route = 0
Reassembly Required = 0
Reassembly Successful = 0
Reassembly Failures = 0
Datagrams Successfully Fragmented = 0
Datagrams Failing Fragmentation = 0
Fragments Created = 0

ICMPv4 Statistics

Received Sent
Messages 47298 5476
Errors 62 0
Destination Unreachable 932 36
Time Exceeded 94 0
Parameter Problems 0 0
Source Quenches 0 0
Redirects 40817 0
Echos 4018 1422
Echo Replies 1375 4018
Timestamps 0 0
Timestamp Replies 0 0
Address Masks 0 0
Address Mask Replies 0 0

TCP Statistics for IPv4

Active Opens = 102308
Passive Opens = 261474
Failed Connection Attempts = 3855
Reset Connections = 87902
Current Connections = 1877
Segments Received = 64992693
Segments Sent = 29249117
Segments Retransmitted = 444853

UDP Statistics for IPv4

Datagrams Received = 845320
No Ports = 7624525
Receive Errors = 7822
Datagrams Sent = 293479

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Re: DL380 G5 NC373i troubleshooting steps - How to

Forum member posted up a thread that solved it.