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DL380 G5 NIC configuration - NC373i


DL380 G5 NIC configuration - NC373i



I have several 380 G5's that are serve as VMware ESXi 4x hosts. The G5 comes with an embedded dual port GB NIC card that operates as active/standby for for fault tolernace. I would like to know if I can change this configuration and assign both ports different IP's & have them both active at the same time?


If this can be done how do you do it?



I have checked the configuration guide & it does naot mention changing this configuration. I have looked at the HP NCU but this does not work with VMware hosts.and checked Broadcom website for a NIC utility  but can't find any.



Thanks in advance








Modris Bremze
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Re: DL380 G5 NIC configuration - NC373i

ESXi doesn't need any specific NIC utilities. All NIC configuration can be done with vCenter Client or connecting directly to an ESXi host and using CLI tools. The easiest way is the vCenter Client GUI. The procedure differs whether you use distributed or standard switch. For a standard switch you can "enable" the second NIC by opening vSwitch properties and then editing vSwitch configuration. There you should find the "NIC teaming" tab, which should list all NICs assigned to that vSwitch.

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DL380 G5 NIC configuration - NC373i

I have DL 380 G5 Server Network Card is Disabled kindly Guide me how can i Enable Networks Card from Bios