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DL380 G5 P400 512MB BBWC 8 HDD RAID 10 or 6?

Lai Chen Kang
Occasional Advisor

DL380 G5 P400 512MB BBWC 8 HDD RAID 10 or 6?

I don't really care for capacity but rather performance and reliability.

Any comments?
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Re: DL380 G5 P400 512MB BBWC 8 HDD RAID 10 or 6?

Hi Lai,

Many storage administrators today are grappling with the question of when to use RAID 10 protection and when to use RAID 6 protection. RAID 10 mirrors the data and then stripes the result across the disks. RAID 6 stripes the data and calculates parity twice, with the results stored in different blocks on the disks. Here's a look at the advantages of these two RAID levels.

Check below difference between RAID10 or RAID6

RAID 6 uses less storage, if you have enough disks in the array.

A RAID 10 array can only store half the total disk capacity in data. The other half of the capacity is taken up by the mirror. If a RAID 6 array contains the minimum number of disks (four), then it can only hold half the total disk capacity in data, as well. The difference comes as you add disks. A RAID 10 array still dedicates half its capacity to protection. But the percentage of usable capacity increases as you add disks to a RAID 6 array. If you double the number of disks from four to eight, parity only consumes 25% of the disk capacity and it keeps going down as you add more disks.

RAID 6 is more compute-intensive.
RAID 6 can protect against two simultaneous disk failures.

RAID 10 is faster to rebuild.
The major weakness of RAID 6 is that it takes a long time to rebuild the array after a disk failure. With even a moderate-sized array, rebuild times can stretch to 24 hours, depending on how many disks are in the array and the capacity of the disks. Since RAID 6 users tend to use the biggest disks they can afford, this is an increasingly serious limitation for RAID 6.

RAID 10 doesn't require special hardware.

Most controllers support RAID 10 with good performance. If you are going to use RAID 6, it is important to use a controller specifically designed to support it. RAID 6 essentially doubles the parity calculations for every write.,289483,sid5_gci1288466,00.html

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