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DL380 G5 Power

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DL380 G5 Power

Hello All,

I have read that many people are having numerous problems with this model and it's related power supply (SP# 403781-001).

We encountered a new issue last night on a production server. When we replaced the faulty power supply it caused the "good" one to fail as well bringing down the server.

Is there a known Hot Plug issue regarding this model of power supply or server? I need help gathering any information related to this, I've already read all the threads regarding the server and found some similar issues but I need to know the official HP stance regarding this.

Any help or similar experiences people can put in this thread would be a great help. Thanks!
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Re: DL380 G5 Power

Hi ,
Yes there is an issue with certain DL 380 G5 servers and power supplies with that P/N.

Any of the following ProLiant servers with Hot Plug Power Supply Part Number 379123-001 and Revision Level 03M (or earlier).

ProLiant DL380 G5, ProLiant DL385 G2, ProLiant ML350 G5 and ProLiant ML370 G5 servers with a server serial number beginning with XXX708XXXX, where the 4th through 6th digits are 708 (or earlier)."

That was the info we got last june from HP.

We ended up swopping ~40 power supplies due to this.

Note that there are also power supplies which have the known bad revision number but have been repaired and tested, and they have a green or a yellow dot on them to mark that.
Rene Nascimento
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Re: DL380 G5 Power

Is their a link on you can provide relating to this issue?