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DL380 G5 Unexpected restart

Jason Chichioco
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DL380 G5 Unexpected restart

Hi All,

Can someone help with me with 1 one our server (DL380 G5) that is having unexpected restart everyday, especially during back-up. We tried disabling ASR, updating firmware, PSP and BIOS version and reformating the server. But nothing seems to work.

Re: DL380 G5 Unexpected restart

Hi Jason,

This is very informationless problem description, what server exactly do ?
* completing post w/o any error ?
* any red blinking led on server front side or on mainboards ?
* is it screen lock ? server freeze or Blue screen ?
and do Offline diagnostic test before you do this :

Boot server with Smart Start --> Maintain server --> Insight Diagnostic Offline edition : Complete test + all devices + unattendend + Number of loop = 3 ( u can select 1 loop test but 3 will provide more accurate result)

Kind Regards,
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Re: DL380 G5 Unexpected restart

What do the iLO logs indicate?
Taha Tungekar
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Re: DL380 G5 Unexpected restart

Seems more like a hardware issue if you have reformatted the server and updated all the firmware (if not not all the components were updated, strongly recommend you try that first). If possible, try with minimal configuration.

If the above fails, I would recommend that you try an replace the hardware in the following order (one after another):
1- Power Supply Backplane
2- System Board

Also, before you start replacing the hardware, verify that the server is getting enough power (iLO can give you that info).