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DL380 G5, Win2008 Server Std x32, network issue

Alex Kuznetsov
Occasional Visitor

DL380 G5, Win2008 Server Std x32, network issue

Good time of the day, everyone. Sorry for my English, I'm Russian :)

I have installed and setup GL380 G5 with OS Windows 2008 Server Standart Edition (32bits) and have a problem with a network connection.

In a period of time from 18 to 54 hours one or both NICs (Broadcom 1Gb Multifuntional) going down with error in Windows Jornal "NIC with IP-address XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX conflicts with the other hardware (mac-address)". Only reboot or "repair network connection" in Windows is helpful.

I have 2 NICs. One of them (number 2) is connected to local area network via Cisco 2950. The other one is connected to interprise network.

In a local area network are: 2 workstations, 1 server (my DL380) and 4 PLCs (Programmable Logical Controllers). The conflict on the NIC in the LAN is issued with the following mac-addresses (not at the same time):

1. PLC#2
2. PLC#3
3. Not existing mac in my local network. The mac of the server NIC#2 is 00-21-5A-c8-F8-56. And the mac of the "other" network device with the same IP is 00-60-5A-c8-F8-56. As You can see, the macs are practically identical, they differ only in the oair of bits. That's impossible, cause the nic 00-60-5A-c8-F8-56 is not exist in LAN.

I'va change the switch. Not helpful. I've downloaded and install new firmware. Not helpful. I'downloaded and install latest drivers for whole system with the latest HP SmartStart CD. Not helpful.

I'am using a tcpdump program with "proto arp" command line key. In the logs of tcpdump I see following (in the time of network issue):

arp reply plk-uun-srv is-at 00:60:5a:c8:f8:56

(plk-uun-srv have IP address - is a local area NIC of the DL380).

What cat I do in this situation?
Thank you very much for your attention and help.