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DL380 G5 code 263 with new battery

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DL380 G5 code 263 with new battery

Our Exchange servers have almost run out of drive space, so we've replaced our 146 GB SAS drives with 300 GB SAS drives.  After doing so, we found that the P400 array controller requires a BBWC to enable the option to extend/expand.  We ordered kits for all our servers, and we started with our offsite backup servers.  The one we installed on our backup SQL server is working fine, but the one on our backup Exchange server gives code 263, going on three days now after we installed it.  I updated the Array Configuration Utility to yesterday and I'm still getting code 263.  Is it likely that the battery we received is bad, or could it be something else?


Re: DL380 G5 code 263 with new battery



It could be battery issue or even controller firmware.

Do update the controller firmware.


Thank You!
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Re: DL380 G5 code 263 with new battery

Well I've got firmware 7.24 installed, and yesterday my boss swapped the battery with another one we ordered and we're still getting the same status message in the array config utility.  Any other ideas?

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Re: DL380 G5 code 263 with new battery

Just to update, I finally got things going.  Long story short, check the manufacture date on your battery before installation.  We pulled the unit from the colo site back to the main office and the battery case was bulging severely.  Manufacture date was 2007, and sold as brand new by a vendor on Amazon. Of the 4 batteries we bought, 2 worked.  Buyer beware!