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DL380 G5 hangs/stops/ freez without any log

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DL380 G5 hangs/stops/ freez without any log

Hi guys!

I have brand new HP DL380 G5 server. The server hangs randomly. System specification is:
- 2 Quad Core Xeon E5335
- 2 GB RAM
- Smart Array P400 / with 3 SAS 72 GB (10 K) / Raid 5
- Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise edition – Service Pack 2 installed.
- SQL Server 2000
- Server is using as a web server.
- Support Pack 8.00 installed:

- Fireware Maintenance CD 8.00 installed:

- installed.
- CPU & RAMs are replaced by company.
- OS has been reloaded.
- I changed Raid 5 to Raid 1 with 2 H.D.D and removed one H.D.D

With those conditions problem already exists.

On server hang, the conditions are:
- Server hangs without any response, Console not respond, remote desktop not respond.
- Ping not respond.
- No error log in windows event log.
- I have to hard reset the server.

Please help :(

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Re: DL380 G5 hangs/stops/ freez without any log

Hello Yasak,

i would suggest to try minimum configuration in this case try 1 proc and min ram and remove any cpi cards or try in a different slots and check how it behaves.

Hope this help

thanks regards
Sammy :)
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Re: DL380 G5 hangs/stops/ freez without any log

Hi Sammy :),
Thanks for your reply,
It was related to an external model connected via USB to server.
We removed the model and put it on the ISA server, problem fixed :)