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DL380 G5 hw ?

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DL380 G5 hw ?

New dl380 g5
left drive bay is empty, how come? 7 other bays have a plastic insert

There is an Allen key fastened at the back of the server, what is this for?

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Re: DL380 G5 hw ?

As the server generally needs at least one system disk, it makes sense to leave the first of the bays without insert.

It avoids some unnecessary waste and also says to even a totally illiterate person: "this server is not complete yet; you'll need to put something in here".

If you're setting up a system to boot from FibreChannel disks (thus removing the need for local disks altogether), you are probably working in an enterprise environment and already have spare drive bay inserts available from some earlier setup - or if not, ordering a few won't be a huge problem.

The Allen key can be used to lock and unlock the top cover latch. There may be other uses for it inside the server (I don't remember exactly).
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Re: DL380 G5 hw ?

Thanks for the very literate explanation ;-)
No FC setup.
With your explanation, now I understand the logic, since I received the server with all components in separate boxes.