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DL380 G5 issues with Oracle RAC

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DL380 G5 issues with Oracle RAC

We are attempting to load both Symantec (Veritas) VCS and Oracle RAC 4.1 MP3 onto a pair of DL380 G5's and are experiencing problems with the install. Essentially llt starts but gab refuses to start and communicate between the two servers. Trying to uninstall it also has problems as it won't unload some drivers properly. We're testing this with RHEL4 U4 64-bit. Any known issues out there with this combination?
-Mike Gray
Rob Leadbeater
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Re: DL380 G5 issues with Oracle RAC

Hi Mike,

I've never used either product, but a bit of Googling around took me to this page on Symantec's site:

Whilst Linux is listed as an OS by Symantec, its not supported by Oracle. It sounds like it should be possible to get it working, but it's not recommended for a production environment.

Hope this helps,


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Re: DL380 G5 issues with Oracle RAC

Thanks for the followup Rob. Turns out it helps to follow the ReadMe files.. :)
The engineers at Symantec kindly pointed out the correct order for applying the MP patchsets on SFRAC:

./installsfrac -installonly
After install run installmp for the MP install
cd back to base directory.
./installsfrac -configure

We seem to be in good shape now.