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DL380 G5 problem

jon andrews_1
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DL380 G5 problem

I have two machines here with no video output from the front or the back. They do not make it to the splash screen. All of the lights are green. No faults anywhere. I have min-config'd the machine and still can not get them to go anywhere. Any ideas?

Re: DL380 G5 problem


If you already minimize the server config the only step left is to clear the NVRAM to erase all system configuration settings from both CMOS and NVRAM and discard any stock process disabling the video.

Look for the System Maintenance Switch on the system board and set to the On position the system maintenance switch position 6, turn on the server for about 30 secs, turn it off and set the swith to the Off position again. Boot the server again and check if there is any difference.

If no change is detected I'd say that you have a bad system board or two. These are G5s they should be under warranty. HP rep shouldn't have a problem replacing them after you explain the actions performed.

Hope you find something useful.


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Re: DL380 G5 problem

We had the *exact* same issue happen a few months back: turned out to be a poorly-seated DIMM. It ran for a few weeks before actually going black, but that was the end problem. Very weird. Check it out.