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DL380 G6 - (2 processors) Memory config

Occasional Advisor

DL380 G6 - (2 processors) Memory config

Hi guys

Is the below config ok for 2 processors on the above server

server came with 3 (2 gig) installed, most probably on channel 1,2,3 on processor 1.

(3A,6B,9C)i.e. slots

i do not know why someone ordered (one 2 gig & one 8 gig chip)

now according to the rules all channels should have equal amount of memory and memory config on two processors should exactly be the same right?

so if use one 1st CPU
2gig ----- 2 gig-----------8 gig

and same on the second CPU
2 gig---------2gig--------------8 gig.

But its wrong according to the rule? as it needs to be
2------------2--------------2 (for it be same on all channels)

i need 24 gig on the server !! help ! i am getting confused ! just want to do things right !
Honored Contributor

Re: DL380 G6 - (2 processors) Memory config

Don't confuse channels and slots. Take a look at the 54GB example in the quickspecs

Anuar Obregón
Frequent Advisor

Re: DL380 G6 - (2 processors) Memory config

You can try HP Memory Configuration Tool


You can check your configuration and get a valid memory distribution for your server.

Good luck.