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DL380 G6 Fan Failure

Occasional Visitor

DL380 G6 Fan Failure

Hi everyone.

Hope you all are going well.

I have added 2 new fans into a DL380 G6 but I'm getting "Fan Failure" message on the start up then the server shuts down after 5 seconds. However these two fans are running on a high speed since I switch on the server. Also I have two another fans installed in this same server which appear to be running without any problems. I have tried to change the fan slots but the failure warning follows the position of the new fans always.

Installed fan position:

slot #1 current fan 1
slot #2 current fan 2
slot #3 new fan 1
slot #4 new fan 2
slot #5 blank
slot #6 blank

For information this server has just one processor and one PSU on.

I have erased all system configuration settings through the switch position 6 on the system maintenance in attemping to fix this issue but no luck so far.

As this server isn't a production one, I would be okay bypassing the fan testing as workaround once those 4 fans are running in fact and the server itself seems to be quite cool. I would just find another way to be monitoring the temperature just in case.

Thanks in advance.