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DL380 G6 Hard Drive Questions...

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DL380 G6 Hard Drive Questions...

I currently have a HP DL380 G6 running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit 2x Xeon x5560, 108 gb ram, raid setup 2 x 300 gb hd & 2x 146 gb hd setup as my main computer in my home recording studio... the problem I'm having is running out of drive space for programs.


So here's my question:


If I have a pair of 300gb sas drives holding my OS and a few plugins and other daw's so I only have about 16gb left currently. As this is the case, can I install programs onto the other hard drives I have in place as storage? I've looked at larger hard drives but the prices are astronomical and I'm trying to find a reasonably priced (free preferrably) solution to my issue.


Follow up question:


If I do need to infact purchase new main hard drives for my computer can I rebuild from the smaller drives so that I don't loose my current image?


Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


Thank you!

Jimmy Vance

Re: DL380 G6 Hard Drive Questions...

You can install programs to the other array.  The DL380 G6 will hold 8 SFF drives, you should be able to add up to 4 more 300GB drives to the system and expand the current array and reclaim the additional space in the OS

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Re: DL380 G6 Hard Drive Questions...

Thank you for the answer sir! It's very much appreciated!