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DL380 G6 PCI-X Riser with SCSI Card Tekram DC-390U4W PCI-X 133

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DL380 G6 PCI-X Riser with SCSI Card Tekram DC-390U4W PCI-X 133

Dear all,


Our Institute just bought a DL380 G6 with a HP PCI-E / PCI-X Mixed Riser Board (494322-B21). The system should drive for now a SCSI Card (Tekram DC-390U4W PCI-X 133) and later a PCI-X Fibre Channel Card.


The scsi card is installed, but the system does not recognize it, neither in the HP-SETUP (F9) nor in the installed RedHat 5. The cards own ROM / BIOS does not show up too. So we tried a lot of stuff to fix it:


-updated to the latest bios-rom version (2010.03.30), card does not work

-checked the card in another non HP system (DELL workstation with pci-x), card works

- tried another card scsi pci-x card in HP, does not work

-changed the riser card positions so the pci-x has slot 1, card does not work

-deactivating all embedded devices (nics, sata, ...), card does not work

-played around with all avaiable bios settings (IRQ's, pci-bus padding, ...), card does not work

-checked the slot with a simple pci network card, slot seems to work properly

-tried an older 64bit (3,3 V) pci scsi card, did not work either


When booting with the scsi card installed, the green light on the riser card is on, but although the red light (1.5VFAIL) is on.


So, we have absolutely no idea, why the card is not working in the HP machine. Any hints or comments are welcome and thank you in advance.


Benedikt Birkenbach


Institute for nuclear physics - University of Cologne