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DL380 G6 PCIe- Riser cards

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DL380 G6 PCIe- Riser cards

  I have a DL380G6 server that we are trying to add 2x 10GBe interfaces to and needed to install an additional Riser Card to provide the extra PCIe lanes needed. When we booted it up the server had memory errors and would not get past post. When we removed one of the cards the server performed normally but never both at the same time.

Is there a Model number for the primary and secondary riser cards. We currently have 2x SP#496057-001 but could not locate if this was a secondary or primary card.


Edwin Eppel
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Re: DL380 G6 PCIe- Riser cards

The quickspecs are at:

It lists the riser cards but unfortunately does not include part numbers.

or Parts Surfer ?

Edit: I tried the parts search but came up dry. G6 systems may no longer be listed. Searching on 496057-001 I don't see any mention of "primary" or "secondary".