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DL380 G6 SAS RAID config for Hyper-V

Rich Holt
Occasional Contributor

DL380 G6 SAS RAID config for Hyper-V

- Windows Server 2008 x64 w/Hyper-V
- 16 300GB (300MB/s) SAS drives
- 48GB RAM
- 2x Intel Xeon quad core (8 cores total)
- NICs: 4 onboard, 2 PCI-e GB (6 total)
- one P410i SmartArray controller (onboard) w/ 512 BBW
- one P410 SmartArray controller w/512 BBW

Has anyone done the research and experimentation for the "optimal" SAS RAID disk config on the DL380 G6? I'm looking for details (not just "redundant disk").

I have read the paper "Implementing Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V on HP ProLiant Servers, integration note 2nd edition". While sufficient for hardware compatibility information and base links for more info, it is lacking in details of system config settings. I'm especially in search of drive configuration recommendations. Under disk subsystem, it simply states, "Optimal: 1 redundant disk for host OS, 1 redundant disk for snapshots, 1 redundant disk per 2 guest OSs".

My initial estimation is that I should be able to virtualize 2-4 application servers on this machine, running Windows Server 2003 x86 and another 2-4 app servers running Windows Server 2008.

I'm looking for objective input on performance and reliability. Server is on the bench awaiting config. I'm planning to create a 2-dsik array (raid 1) for the system drive, and not sure how to get maximum performance from the remaining 14 disks.

Has anyone already tried this? What worked, what didn’t what would you do differently? I’d *really* appreciate input from the HP Storage Engineering team on this. I’d like to get it right the first time.

TIA for your help!

Valued Contributor

Re: DL380 G6 SAS RAID config for Hyper-V

I'd make a raid-10 with each P410 and 8 drives. then subdivide into LUN's if necessary. The controller works at its best with raid-10 or 1+0 honestly!