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DL380 G6 - SmartStart Issues

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Andrew Gladstone
Valued Contributor

DL380 G6 - SmartStart Issues

I have a few DL380 G6's that work fine, and any OS can be loaded onto them, but will not run the SmartStart diags CD. I have tried every conceivable version of SmartStart, as well as changed out the CD/DVD Player and cables, but to no avail. The HW (CPU's, Memory, Disks) all work fine in other servers, so I know it is not a HW related error. Has anyone else experienced this?
juan quesada
Respected Contributor

Re: DL380 G6 - SmartStart Issues

are you trying to run the test online or offline?


Andrew Gladstone
Valued Contributor

Re: DL380 G6 - SmartStart Issues

We are trying to boot into the SmartStart, and it just hangs.
juan quesada
Respected Contributor

Re: DL380 G6 - SmartStart Issues

did you burn the image at a speed of 4x or lower?

or have you try to boot from a USB key instead?

btw, SSCD version you should e using is 8.40

Andrew Gladstone
Valued Contributor

Re: DL380 G6 - SmartStart Issues

We have used multiple CD's that were HP provided with servers, none of them have worked.
Valued Contributor

Re: DL380 G6 - SmartStart Issues


Have you tried using the USB Key utility from another server/PC? There is an option on the disc itself, and all you need is a 1GB flash drive.

It doesn't address the read issue, but it will let you run the diags.

I would also double check the BIOS settings, to make sure the optical drive is in the boot order.
Honored Contributor

Re: DL380 G6 - SmartStart Issues

Andrew this is no reflection on you,what so ever.and the comments are not guided at you..

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Respected Contributor

Re: DL380 G6 - SmartStart Issues

Had the same issue.
Creating a bootable usb thumbdrive is a good workaround. (Also quicker)