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DL380 G6 Supported Processors

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DL380 G6 Supported Processors

Hi to all the community !

I have a DL380 G6 with 2 x E5530 cpu's and was thinking to upgrade the processors to 2 x E5645 (for the need of more cores).

After doing some research , I'm not completely sure if 56xx series are supported on this server.
From hp manual ( i cannot see 56xx series being listed ):
From vmware compatibility guide ( they stay it should be working/available ? ): vmware compatibility guide

Would kindly appreciate if someone could provide a "tested" answer so i wont end up buying 2 x E5645 and get the surprise that they wont work...

Thank you in advance for all.

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Re: DL380 G6 Supported Processors



As per the HP's documentations, E5645 is not supported on  DL380 G6 server.

It is always recommended to buy the processors listed in quick sepcs which is supported by the server.


However, I have not tested it in this model server, but in most of the cases, it will not work if not listed under supported processors.




Renji V

I am an HP employee.

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Re: DL380 G6 Supported Processors


I found it weird that it lists/support the X56xx processors but nothing regarding the E56xx series.
For example , DL180 G6 does list E5645 which i find odd not to find on a DL380 G6.

I do want to upgrade the server to 2 x 6 core processors , but the cheapest listen supported processor on the manual is X5650 which has a higher TDP of 95W and higher price compared to E5645 which is rated at TDP of 80W.

From my own perspective it makes no sense to only support X56xx series and not the E56xx series which use less power.