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DL380 G6 System Board Replacements

Graeme Bray
Regular Advisor

DL380 G6 System Board Replacements


I was looking to see if anyone else is having the same type of issues that we are. We have had 6 DL380 G6 servers that have required system board replacements. In 3 cases, the systems would not boot into Windows 2008 x64. The system would be stuck at the "Loading" screen forever. HP had to replace the system board several times before it would actually boot.

One of the things that happened and I could tell it was part of the problem is through the iLo, when I went into the BIOS, it would not move up/down. One one of the servers, we had to replace the system board 3 seperate times, another was 2 times. I'm working on another at the moment where we've replaced it once and I am waiting for HP to come back out with another board.

Our HP rep states they cannot find any pattern of failures with the DL380 G6 model system boards but every field tech hates the model.

Has anyone else had this same problem or something similar?
Andrew Gladstone
Valued Contributor

Re: DL380 G6 System Board Replacements

I am not sure who your HP rep is, but there is a plethora of known issues with DL380 G6 system boards! It seems that yours may fall into the category in the first two links below:

I have worked with some of my company's customers to diagnose replace over 150 of these boards!

Here is some more collateral you may find helpful. It is not pretty, but there is a resolution. Good Luck!