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DL380 G6 boot problem

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DL380 G6 boot problem


sorry for my poor english :-(

It's my first post and I'm a beginner about server managment

I found a DL380 G6 in my lab and I'm trying to starting up but without any success

I don't see anything on monitor connected via in front vga

when I switch on the server, the situation is with beeping and red led blinking with

all the dimms switch on

after all, I try to switch off/on again and the situaztion becames with only the led proc 1 and 2 switch on

and always the red led blinking

any suggestions?



sorry I'm bot abel to attach image :-(



Re: DL380 G6 boot problem



As mentioned server not posting, please follow below steps for isolate the issue.

  1. Power off the server and remove power cable from the power supply and hold on power on switch for 30 Sec.
  2. If issue doesn't resolve, check with minimum to configuration. (One CPU, TWO DIMM, ONE PSU).
  3. Check all the combination of memory and processor, if more than one CPU and memory.
  4. If issue doesn't resolve, log a case with HPE technical support.


Sanjeev Goyal


I am a HPE Employee

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Re: DL380 G6 boot problem

I'm having the same issue, Did you get a solution