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DL380 G6 random reboots


DL380 G6 random reboots



I have a DL380 G6 that reboots at random. 

ILO log shows only:

Server power restored

Server power removed

Server reset


2x CPU Xeon E5520 2.27Ghz

7 x HP SAS 300GB 6G DP Hot-Plug 10K

2 x HP 750 Watt PSU


Smart Array P410i


At the moment it's nothing installed on the disks and no arrays configured.

ILO, ROM and controller at latest FW.



-disabling ASR

-setting power management to maximum

-removing memory sticks, one by one

-both PSUs separately

-without any disks


Have also tried clearing CMOS/NVRAM using system system maintenance switch. When I do this and start it up again, it stays alive longer (up to 2 hours perhaps). Otherwise, the reboots happen between 10 seconds to 10 minutes.



I have read some old threads on this and there seems to be 2 solutions. Either replacement of the motherboard (but I have no warranty left) or this:


The latter seems promising, but then I saw that I had 451277-002, which HP states are "NOT affected by this issue".



I'm pretty desperate here now. With the server like this and with no warranty, I might as well use it as paperweight.


Is there anything else I could try?

Is it worth trying to apply System Programmable Logic Device-update anyway? If so, how can it be done? Do I need to edit a bootable ISO and put the file into it?


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Re: DL380 G6 random reboots

iLO is detecting that the server lost power so, this isn't a reboot event. It is a power off event.
That board seems to have a flaky voltage regulator and CPLD must be shutting down the server when it detects small drops in voltage.

Your only hope at this point is to try updating the CPLD to the latest version, hoping that this new version will tolerate those small changes in voltage but, beware that if the server shuts down in the middle of the CPLD flash process, you'll brick the server.

The easiest way to flash CPLD components is to use the HP USB Key Utility for Windows and create a bootable USB key using the Firmware DVD v10.10 ISO image.
Once created, copy the CPLD .scexe component into the hp/swpackages folder and boot the server into Firmware DVD Intetactive mode.

Once the Select Language screen shows up, use the following key strokes to exit out of HP Smart Update Manager.
CTRL + ALT + d + b + x (Keep the CTRL and ALT keys pressed when typing d b x )

At the command prompt, navigate to the directory containing the CPLD component

cd mnt/cdrom/hp/swpackages

Execute the CPLD component and once it is done, power off the server and then remove power cords from power suplies for 30 seconds.

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Re: DL380 G6 random reboots

Before you attempt to update the CPLD on you DL380 G6 to version 0x9D, be sure your iLO2 firmware is version 2.06 or later.



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Re: DL380 G6 random reboots

Hello again and thanks for your answers.


After some testing, the problem seems to be the p410i. I removed it and it ran for 24 hours straight, interted it again and the rebooting began immediately.


It has 6.40 fw. I will try to downgrade it. 


Re: DL380 G6 random reboots

Hello again. This was a while ago but still isn't solved. I've had no time for this machine for a while. But a few weeks ago I gave it another go.

The machine had then been sitting plugged in but powered off for months.

I have now made a discovery. Esxi may be causing it? 


What happened last time:

1. Got the server

2. Updated some firmware 

3. Installed esxi 5.5

4. Server started to reboot/power off itself as described in the first post.

5. Played around with firmware and hardware without success.

6. Server continued to reboot even without disks containing the installation plugged in.


Now it was powered off for a few months.


What has happened this time:

1. Installed Ubuntu Server (to use other than esxi), on SD card this time.

2. Now it was running without any problems.

3. Left it running for 2 weeks to be sure.

4. Installed esxi 5.5 (on SD card)

5. Runs for not even 12 hours, then reboots itself. Same problem as last time.

6. Installed esxi 5.1 (on SD card). Same problem


Was going to install Ubuntu/Debain again to verify that it runs without problems again with that installation. But it didnt even let me go to the installation. So I'm leaving it powered off for a while for the time being.



Can it be some driver or something, coming with esxi , be causing this?


Note that I have not updated CPLD yet


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Re: DL380 G6 random reboots

Hi.  Just wondering if you ever got to the bottom of this.  I have a DL380G6 running ESXi 5.5.  It's been running since I've had it (about 2 years), before it started to randomly reboot.


My configuration is a bit different than yours:

2x e5540's

64 GB memory

I have the LFF chassis with 6x 3.5" bays


But I do have a P410i with 6x WD EZRX 2TB Green drives in RAID 5.  My OS installed on the HD's, not the SD card.


In the ILO2 log, I see entries like these:


iLO 2
08/22/2015 19:53
08/22/2015 19:53
Server reset.
iLO 2
08/22/2015 19:53
08/22/2015 19:53
Server power restored.
iLO 2
08/22/2015 19:53
08/22/2015 19:53
Brown-out recovery
iLO 2
08/22/2015 19:53
08/22/2015 19:53
Server power removed.


This has been going on for a few months now, and coincides with a new UPS that I added.  Since this has started, I have added a second 460W power supply.  Presently I have 1 power supply connected to the UPS, and the other is connected to utility power.


I've updated my drivers in ESXi, but I'm considering reloaded ESXi 5.5 using the HP customized ISO.


Just wondering if you could offer any additional insight?  My issue seems to happen about every week, and if it continues, I'll have to replace the system board next.