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Re: DL380 G7 - DOWN

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DL380 G7 - DOWN

i have dl380 g7 server.When I insert the power cable, the "System Power LED" is amber. When I press the power button the system tries to start. The system fans starts, but after a few secons they stops again, this happens three times. And then the "Health" led is flashing red.

i changed power supply but no effcet.i reset server , pull out ram , cpu , hdd , raid controller but no efect.
any guys can help me?

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Re: DL380 G7 - DOWN


Perhaps you can still access your ILO page to see whats wrong?

Does your keybord check show anything? Ifcthe lights stay lit the CPU might have a problem.
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Re: DL380 G7 - DOWN

I changed cpu , ram , power supply but still have probleam.
port 84 led number 0 is flashing and other led is off
any suggestion?

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Re: DL380 G7 - DOWN

Did you check the ILO like the first reply mentioned? It might shed some light.

It could be as simple as some power cabling being slightly loose or the PCI riser being inserted wrong, etc. I've had servers do the same thing in the past and always found something slightly loose (usually after shipping it somewhere). Except once after a BIOS flash went bad, but that was on an old gen 2 Proliant...sad memory there and finally got it working using the floppy disk based BIOS recovery method... not really applicable here.

I assume the CPU/RAM/power you've swapped out all came from a known working supply of spares?

Try limiting it to a single CPU and just one RAM module to eliminate the 2nd socket/mem banks as a potential problem, and maybe even disconnect the power/data from the drive cage just to see if you can get it to boot at all. Try swapping which bay the power supply is plugged in to, etc. etc.

In other words, strip this thing to the bare minimum it needs to be able to boot up and show anything at all, and oh yes, check ILO to see if it recorded any useful info.

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Re: DL380 G7 - DOWN

Your problem seem very similar to what i just posted.  I have a G6 that exibits the same 3 cycles starts before giving up.  

I think mine is due to a false overtemp signal shown by the ILO after it initially failed, and by the front panel overtemp light.  

See the 5th entry of this thread: