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DL380 G7 Fans dont regulate

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DL380 G7 Fans dont regulate


I have the following problem with my DL380 G7. When I start it, it first is rather silent, on system check the fans go on 100% but don't go back down when the system is booted. It stands in my basement which is about 10 degrees Celsius, so this can't be the problem. The server itself runs at 10 degrees too. But the fans spin at 100% no matter if the server is in idle or at 100%. Newest service pack is installed, OS is Windows Server 2012 r2. I have really no clue what I am doing wrong.

Thanks in advance

Re: DL380 G7 Fans dont regulate


As a workaround please try folllowing:

1. Try to load BIOS to default setting and check.

2. Try removing PCI adapter/LOM or any newly installed hardware and check if you are able to isolate.

3. Check for any error/warning in Integrated Management Event(IML) which will help you to isolate the faulty component if any?

4. Update the HP management agents:

Hope this helps!

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