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DL380 G7 Linux and striaght NIC problem ( NC382i BCM5709 )

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DL380 G7 Linux and striaght NIC problem ( NC382i BCM5709 )

Dear all,


        We just purchase two DL380 G7 machines in early Apr.

        Our configuration is connecting the two ports of the DL380 to two CISCO 2960 GE switches.


        We try to install RHEL LINUX 5.4 / 6 - 64 bit, but we get some straight NIC issue.

        The server can't ping any other machines in the local network(192.168.96.x ), the NIC firmware is factory default (2.3.0 (24 Feb 2011))


        1)  The iptable has been stopped and use ethtool to try all combination of speed and duplex mode. All ports has been tried.


        2) Sometimes, after a night, it can ping but fail again after reboot the system or restart the network service.


        3) On the CISCO switches, we can see the MAC address (sh arp) of the server but can't ping it.


        4) The two servers can ping each other or a notebook using cross CAT-5 cable.

             The notebook (1GE) is successful to ping other machines in local network using the same IP and port as the server



        It is similar to the user situation.


        Can anybody help? Thanks.

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Re: DL380 G7 Linux and striaght NIC problem ( Can't ping other machine )


Update: 21-July

                 We have install the OS to Win Server 2008 R2 using the HP install disk.

                 But the situation is the same.


                 And we move the server to the other network with different switch and cable but still failure.


                 Our Network engineer use Winshark to check the network packet and see that the network card sometime cannot issue ARP message to the network (after reboot). So it can ping other machine with cross LAN cable or Hub, but not switch.                


                 We decide to call support to replace all the hardware


Update: 21-July pm


                The machines issue memory module fault.