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DL380 G7 Multiple Drive Cage - RAID Controller

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DL380 G7 Multiple Drive Cage - RAID Controller

I have a DL380 G7 with a single drive cage (7 - 300Gb drives, 2 - mirrored for ESXi 5.5,   5 - RAID 5 Array for storage).  I need to add additional storage.  In past I have added another controller, drive cage and 5 more 300Gb drives.  I am looking to do the same but need to know if there is an HP RAID Controller that will control BOTH drive cages.  All the controllers I have found only have 2 internal connections, which only supports a single drive cage.  Is there some other piece I am missing?  Or is this just not possible?


I don't want 2 - 1Tb Datastores,     I want 1 - 2Tb datastore without rip and replace of existing drives.



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Re: DL380 G7 Multiple Drive Cage - RAID Controller

According to the QuickSPecs for the DL380 G7 you can use a second controller or the optional SAS expander


HP Drive Cage Options

HP DL380 G6 8 Small Form Factor (SFF) Drive Cage Kit  516914-B21

NOTE: Supports the HP ProLiant DL380 G7 server.

NOTE: Second drive cage installation replaces internal optical bay.

NOTE: Second drive cage requires second controller or HP SAS Expander Card (468406-B21).


(it says G6, I think this is just a misprint in the QuickSpec)

Look at the bottom of page 32


Also the Smart Array P410 and Smart Array P812 have two internal ports which would allow you to attach both drive cages to one controller


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Re: DL380 G7 Multiple Drive Cage - RAID Controller

Thanks, exactly what I wanted and very quick response.


I appreciate it.

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Re: DL380 G7 Multiple Drive Cage - RAID Controller

i asked the below in a different post but maybe this is better suited here.

i have a G7, i'm new to servers.  i want to take the 2.5hdds out and put in the 6 bay 3.5hdds to max my space at 24tbs, i can't find the cage i need (part number) or the riser card (part number) that i believe is needed.  or maybe im just missing it all together and im looking for the wrong parts.  any help is appreciated.