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DL380 G7 No USB ?!?

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DL380 G7 No USB ?!?

This is driving me nuts!

I have a ProLiant DL380 Gen 7.  The RAID shows that the drives have been moved.  I tried to access iLo but my browser is complaining about SSL issues with the iLo 3 page.  So I went to update the firmware on the server / iLo.  I started noticing occasionally odd behavior from my keyboard and eventually had to resort to using a PS/2 keyboard which works.  However, nothing I do seems to get thru using USB!  I've tried using all of the external USB ports.  Keyboards (I've tried two), mice, USB drives.... I reset the BIOS to defaults, I verified that USB is Enabled, I pulled the system battery, I tried the internal USB port, and even reset the NMI.  I seem to have NO USB at all!  CD ROM works, PS/2 works, I can load and work with software from CD.... but nothing from USB.



Re: DL380 G7 No USB ?!?


If you have tried to Clear NVRAM and BIOS Defaults and still issue persist, I think its either a bios firmware issue or system board issue.

Thank You!
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