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DL380 G7 PCI slot cooling?

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DL380 G7 PCI slot cooling?



I have a DL380 G7 loaded with FusionIO cards. One of the FusionIO cards consistently runs hotter than the others, and is frequently around its warning temperature threshhold. The IO load is spread evenly amongst all the installed cards, so I expect it's just due to its position in the card cage.


Is there something we can do to increase airflow through the card slots? The overall system temperatures are well below threshhold so it seems the fans stay at lower speed than we might want if the PCI cards are warming up. Maybe there is a manual control, or some kind of add-on sensor kit that can be wired up? A control exposed via some linux method that we can use to increase fan speed under program control? I don't know what the options are.


Moving the warm card to a different slot isn't an option as all the slots are full.



Jimmy Vance

Re: DL380 G7 PCI slot cooling?

In RBSU under "Advanced Options", select "Thermal Configuration". Change the setting to Increased Cooling or Maximum Cooling



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Re: DL380 G7 PCI slot cooling?

Aha, thank you. That's pretty much exactly the sort of thing I was thinking of.


But, would that require a reboot to make happen? I don't suppose there's anything that can be done without needing to reboot...



Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: DL380 G7 PCI slot cooling?

There is a utility called 'conrep' you can use to configure BIOS settings while in the OS.

But I don't know if they come into effect until a reboot.