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DL380 G7 RAID1 issues


DL380 G7 RAID1 issues



I have a DL380 G7 with two 72GB drives installed in a RAID1 config.  A few days ago we noticed that only one of the drives was lit up -- the other drive has no lights on it at all.  Not green, not amber, nothing.  Drive 1 is the 'dead' drive, and drive 2 is lit up and the OS is running fine.  In ACU I see the following:


Unassigned drives:

>  Drive 1 68.3GB

Array A (RAID 1):

  > Drive 1  0 GB  (marked bad)

  > Drvie 2 68.3GB


Now I can add the unassigned Drive 1 to a new array, but I cannot add it to Array A.  Even after I have replaced the "bad" drive in bay 1 with a brand-new replacement drive, I still cannot add it to Array A.  If I put the new drive in bay 3, it still shows up as unassigned and I cannot add it to the array.


I have a ticket open with tech support, but they are so slow in responding I figured I might have better luck posting in the forums.  Thank goodness this is not (yet) a production system :-)