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DL380 G7 Raid card config to replace all drives in new array

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DL380 G7 Raid card config to replace all drives in new array

We have a DL380 G7 with a 6 of 1TB drive raid 10 array running server 2012 and Hyper V.

Today I pulled the 6 drives out and replaced them with a new set of drives and tried to do a restore of the server 2012 backup to the new array. I configured the new array as raid 10 with 2 logical drives. Whenever I try to load the server OS, when I get to the point of loading the drives, I get an error where it states the bios has not enabled to drive as bootable.

Tried diskpart to make the the partition enabled etc but still no go.

Finally ran out of time and put the original 6 drives back in the system and rebooted, system running ok now.


I am wondering if I maybe had to clear the controller settings to ge the new array bootable?


So my question is 2 parts.

1) If I clear the controller settings how do I ensure I can reinstall my original array?

Do I need to clear the controller settings to enable booting of a newly created array?


Thanks for any input, or if you can point me to somewhere that I can find this information.


The purpose of the task is

1 to test the backup and recover.

2 I want to create a larger array with the second logical drive greater than 2TB by setting it as GPT.




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Re: DL380 G7 Raid card config to replace all drives in new array

When you create the logical drives (e.g. by pressing F8 during boot), mark the logical drive you want as bootable within the same utility.

Hope this helps!

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