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Re: DL380 G7 fans constantly at 78%

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DL380 G7 fans constantly at 78%


We recently configured a HP DL380 G7 to be used as a mail server which will run Kerio. When first aquiring the server it had two 146 GB drives which have been built into a raid 1 array which is being used for the OS, Windows server 2016 Essentials. 

To start using the server we have added four 1 TB WD black drives to the system that have been built into a raid 5 array. Now the array has been built fully and data can be stored on the newly added hard drives, the fans of the server are constantly spinning at 78% (2000 rpm).

Has anyone had this issue or a similar result to this and is this a normal outcome of adding this many drives in a raid 5 array. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: DL380 G7 fans constantly at 78%

I have several DL380 G7's with a full load of hard drives and that shouldn't cause it. However, I'm using HP branded drives, and the presence of 3rd party drives may cause the system to increase the fan speed to ensure optimal cooling (maybe it can't read the drive temps of non HP drives properly).

Also, make sure the latest BIOS is applied ... for the DL380 G7 that should be 2015.08.16

And finally check in the BIOS config under the cooling options to see if you're set for optimal/max cooling which will run the fans more to keep the system cooler than the default setting.

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Re: DL380 G7 fans constantly at 78%

This problem may be related to a few discussions involving non HP branded drives and a false temp reading.  There are a few discussions I have come accross while researching my own false sensor reading problem.

This article:

and many entries toward the end of this thread:

... seem to indicate a problem with proliant and some non HP drives.