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DL380 G7 - read fan speed via snmp

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DL380 G7 - read fan speed via snmp

Hi @all,

I'm currently trying to monitor my DL380 G7 Server Perfomance and using the ILO3 Interface I'm able to see the fan Speed in percent (it's not relevant for me if brought to me in RPMs or in Percent).

Unfortunately I could not find the corresponding OIDs to read it's values via SNMP.

Any ideas?



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Re: DL380 G7 - read fan speed via snmp

There's this OID but I have no idea what it's actually reporting.  It always says "2" for all fans even though according to the MIB it's labeled: "cpqHeFltTolFanSpeed" with a description: "This specifies the speed of the fan. This value will be set
if the fan type is tachOutput."