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DL380 G8 - 2 hard drive cages with RAID 10 ?

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DL380 G8 - 2 hard drive cages with RAID 10 ?

Hi, does anyone know if it is possible to have a DL380 G8 Server fitted with 2 internal hard drive cages configured for RAID 10 using 12 drives (8 drives in one cage 4 in the other) ?


We have done this in the past with I think G6 versions but I am being told that we may have to do this with an external hard drive box and controller with a SAS cable going back to the DL380 with a contrller card fitted. Obviously this is going to be expensive since we have already purchased the extra cage to go in the DL380. Apparently 4 port internal controller cards cannot be fitted in the G8's like we had in the G6's.



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Re: DL380 G8 - 2 hard drive cages with RAID 10 ?

I'm assuming you're talking about the model of the box that comes with 8SFF bays, with the addition of the 2nd 8SFF drive cage.

The DL380 gen8 can also be ordered with 12 (I think) LFF bays or a 25 SFF bay option.

Anyway, if you have 8SFF + the optional 8SFF, you can create an array across drives in both cages, but you'll have to get the P830 array controller.

The DL380 G7 model could use a SAS expander to use drives in both cages, but for whatever reason HP didn't give any options for a SAS expander on the Gen8 extra drive cage. I think that's a dumb decision by them, personally.

When the Gen8 first came out, if you wanted to use all drives in a single array you were out of luck... you'd use the built-in P420 for the first cage and have to get another controller like a second P420 to manage the other 8 drives, but you couldn't span an array across them all.

Then HP came out with the P830 that has enough SAS channels to manage all of the drives... unfortunately for many of us who purchased the Gen8 earlier and already added the extra P420, it was too late. Now if I wanted to stripe across all 16 drives I'd have to dump the extra P420 I got, get a new P830, and do some major work on the array to switch drives around. Bummer.

The other sad thing is that their 25 SFF cage model seems hard to find with many resellers (at least with mine) and they don't have the same wide range of pre-built options that use it. And it's drive cage has built in SAS expanders anyway... so why couldn't HP do an expander with the 8 SFF model?

Long story short, yes, you can, with a P830 controller. :)

Re: DL380 G8 - 2 hard drive cages with RAID 10 ?

Hi @DarrenRainer


I have been researching this query.  Unfortunately, I was unable to locate information to answer your question.  I would like to connect you with one of our Solutions Architects, as they have more details on these products and can give you better advice on the best way to fit your DL380 G8 with 2 internal hard drive cages with RAID 10 configuration and 12 drives.  I sent you a private message with some information I need to connect you to the correct person.  Let me know if you are interested and I can get you set up.