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Re: DL380 G8 Power migration from 110v to 208v?


DL380 G8 Power migration from 110v to 208v?

Hello folks,

We have recently upgraded our power and PDUs from 110v to 208v and would like to move our DL380 G8 servers over to the new 208v circuit.


Could we just "walk" the power cables over to it while powered on?  Move one power supply over at a time?

Anyone know if there is anything wrong with doing that?

One power supply on 208v and other on 110v to move it over live?


Re: DL380 G8 Power migration from 110v to 208v?

Hi romatlo32 

About power supplys


Power Specifications To review typical system power ratings use the HP Power Advisor which is available via the online tool located at URL: or NOTE:

Power Specification and Technical Content for supported power supplies can be found at: Common Slot Power Supply

NOTE: Mixing of power supplies in the same server is not supported. All power supplies inside a server must be exactly the same model. Mixing Gold, Platinum, and Platinum Plus certified power supplies is not supported. HP's Common Slot (CS) power supplies allow for commonality of power supplies across a wide range of ProLiant and Integrity servers, as well as HP Storage solutions, and are designed to provide the highest power supply efficiency without degrading system performance. HP CS power supplies are tested by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and certified through the ECOS 80 Plus power supply program. HP CS power supply options provide efficiency ratings of up to 94% (80 Plus Platinum) and are available in three power output options - 460W, 750W, and 1200W - allowing the customer to "right-size" a power supply for their specific server configuration. All HP Common Slot power sources are UL, CE Mark Compliant, hot-plug and support redundant configurations. - pag 8

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Re: DL380 G8 Power migration from 110v to 208v?

I don't see anything about mixing between circuit types.  I am expecting that could do this since they are auto sensing.  Just wondering if "walking" it over is ok to do, or if someone may have done it?