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DL380 G8 and Windows NLB

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DL380 G8 and Windows NLB

This server is equiped with a 4 Port 331FLR adaptor set.


The server is running windows 2008 R2 sp1.


Runs Network Load Balancing feature in


When the server is added to an existing MULTICAST NLB, the other server in the NLB that works fine then constantly converges.


IF this other server is removed, the new server then takes over the NLB.


The NLB then becomes inoperative and the NLB it can not be contacted.


My concern and question is... does the 331FLR support NLB .


I suspect it can not take on the NLB mac and so recieve traffice on the NLB ip.

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Re: DL380 G8 and Windows NLB

NLB is at the application layer? Can you install Windows 2k8 Server R2 on a DL380 bet.


These are all the operating systems that are Certified to run on HP Hardware.