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DL380 G9 Server Crashes

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DL380 G9 Server Crashes

Hi Everyone,

We have a vSphere cluster of (6) DL380 G9 servers hosting a slew of different vm's. These hosts were running fine for several months. They had a single HP 82Q HBA (2-port) connected to our SAN. We recently added new HP SN1100Q HBA to the servers for Fiber Channel connectivity to a new SAN.

After the new HBA install we have seen (3) server crashes. In each of the crashes the iLO log shows PCI Bus Error (Slot 4, Bus 128, Device 3, Function 0). The new HBA was installed in Slot 1 in PCI Riser 1. Slot 4 with the original HBA was in PCI Riser 2.

We've opened cases with HPE and VMware. Our fear is that we don't know what's causing it or when / if it will happen again. There is no real rhyme or reason that we have found to this point. We have replaced (2) HBA's, and the last server crash had just occurred. But it's likely that will be the 3rd HBA to be replaced.

Anyone seen anything like this? Trying as many avenues as possible, vendor support as well as community support, to try to get this resolved.