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DL380 G9 with non-HPE P100

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DL380 G9 with non-HPE P100


we are experiencing some problems running a non-HPE P100 GPU in a DL380 G9.
The Server is equiped with the high performace fans, the GPU enabler kit and two 1400W power supplies.

The fan do not speed up (according to the iLo) to more than 15%, even if the GPU is alreay reducing speed by it's high temperatur (82°C and more).

Is there anything more to do, to run non-HPE P100 GPUs in the DL380 G9?

Thanks for your help.


Re: DL380 G9 with non-HPE P100


What problems are you having with this configuration?
Any error messages?

I would suggest to update server BIOS and iLO Firmware.

Thank You!

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Re: DL380 G9 with non-HPE P100

If the system sensors are not seeing an increased temperature, the fans will not spin up.  You can change the fan settings within RBSU to increased or maximum cooling so the fans always spin faster



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