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DL380 Gen8: mount drives internally?

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DL380 Gen8: mount drives internally?


So I have 2 x identical DL380 Gen8s. Each DL has 16 SFF drives

8 x 300GB SAS (connected to P420i)
8 x 1200GB SATA (connected to P420 card)

I want to reconfigre these servers, so one has as much capacity as possible, and the other has whatever drives are leftover.

I tried setting up 2 x 300GB as the Windows OS (RAID 1), then realised I cannot create a RAID array with the remaining 14 drives as the array cannot span controllers. I cannot change the controllers to JBOD as I would like some redundancy on the OS disk.

I'm wondering if there is a way to mount a pair of SFF's (or any 3rd party drives) internally, to allow use of all 16 SFF's?

Thanks in advance.


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Re: DL380 Gen8: mount drives internally?


Hope this helps!

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