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DL380 Gen9 - Do they have weak mainboard soldering?

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DL380 Gen9 - Do they have weak mainboard soldering?

We had two DL380 Gen9 with a mainboard power failure. Red LED on the front panel was on and IML log told me about the error. Server could be turned on but shut itself off after a couple of seconds.

We investigated the mainboards closer and we found that some solder joints on the DC-converter components, right behind the fans, looked a bit strange.
It seemed that the inductors (see attached picture) were partially broken off.

So I took the soldering iron and re-soldered all those inductors..... and guess what, both boards are working again without any problem.
My problem analysis is as follows. The relatively heavy parts are located directly behind the fans where mechanical vibrations are strongest. They are not secured by glue or silicon elastic compound and are held in place only by their solder joints. In my eyes this is a time bomb that must break sooner or later.

I wonder if others experienced a high number of power failures on those Gen9 servers? DL360 have the same boards.....

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Re: DL380 Gen9 - Do they have weak mainboard soldering?


I have had a couple of times a MB power failure but did not check those inductors...

If I have the same problem again, I will check them.


Thanks for the info