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DL380 Gen9 Embedded diags reports system board failure

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DL380 Gen9 Embedded diags reports system board failure

I have a DL380 Gen9 that was working fine until I restarted it yesterday.  It shut down, but when coming back up it finishes post and starts booting windows, and just about when I would expect to see the HPE logo replaced by a windows lock screen, the screen goes black and post starts all over again.  

I've tried everything I can think of from a software angle, dism repair, system file check, last known good config, etc, but I can't seem to get it to boot to windows, not even to safe mode.  Even tried restoring the system volumes from the prior day's backup, to no avail.  

At that point, I started thinking maybe it's a hardware issue, even though ilo reported everything as healthy.  Booted to UEFI embedded diagnostics and ran the quick test, and sure enough the system board test failed with:

Failure ID Q0DBT1-0009P3-WPW6L1-04FB03

Failed Driver: Smart Array SAS Driver v9.62

Failed Controller: Smart Array P440ar Controller (PCIRoot(0x0)/PCI(0x1,0x0)/PCI(0x0,0x0))

Can anyone tell me what that failure ID represents?

Searching for more information, I came across this advisory which could be relevant, but I'm not certain.  I did updated the system rom just in case, but the server still fails the system board test. 

Do I actually have a hardware failure here, or is this a firmware issue making it look like bad hardware?




Re: DL380 Gen9 Embedded diags reports system board failure


What are the firmware versions of the storage controller, BIOS and iLO installed?


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