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DL380 Gen9 - PCIe SIMATIC CP1623 card cannot start

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DL380 Gen9 - PCIe SIMATIC CP1623 card cannot start

Hello guys,

I'm having troubles getting my SIMATIC Miniport CP1623 PCIe Adapter/Card (network indastrial ethernet) working in the new DL380 Gen9 servers.

"This device cannot start (code 10) operation failed."

Anyone else having troubles with PCIe slots running Windows 2012 R2 with all latest windows update, HP SPP 2016.04 and even the latest BIOS 2016.6.2. I'm getting long boot times (20 minutes) and the card not working / device cannot start error message in the device manager.

and here they talk about some setting called "search order" ?

anyone got any advice?

HPE is refusing to give support because this is not a supported PCIe card although you can find installation manuals on their ftp servers ...

Any advice?



Jeroen Van Praet

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Re: DL380 Gen9 - PCIe SIMATIC CP1623 card cannot start


i received the following information from a SIEMENS technician:

You confirm a know issue with HPE Proliant Server.Same issue occurred in April / May 2015 with HPE server of newest generation like used type ProLiant DL 360/380 Gen9 servers and was analysed by our development.The issue describes as not operational CP and 2 errors in EVT: System protocol with source "WDM1623" and ID 1536 like e.g. 31.05.2016 18:19:23and descriptions: "CP1623(1): An internal error occurred." and "CP1623(1): Device start failed." .The colleagues got in touch with HP because there was a problem with HP BIOS. So finally it was solved with HP BIOS release V1.40 from 06/2015. This was in past... Now you have HP Server with newer BIOS / UEFI HP P89 V2.0 form 27/12/2015 (or similar). That means HP revised the BIOS again and remove the older known solution.You have to get in touch with HP distributor or HP support directly.Siemens can't intervene again. The issue is caused mainly by HPE.But I think HPE will answer: card is not supported by us, they need to be certified by HPE....I hope for you the best!
End quote.

I downgraded the server to the bios the technician mentioned ((P89 v1.40 (05/06/2015) and all is working now.



Jimmy Vance

Re: DL380 Gen9 - PCIe SIMATIC CP1623 card cannot start

You should open a support case and provide this information.

No support by private messages. Please ask the forum! 
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Re: DL380 Gen9 - PCIe SIMATIC CP1623 card cannot start

Thanks for you advice, I have the same problem with Proliant DL160 Gen9, Where site do you download the V1.4, because un the BIOS to HP is 1.1 and 2.0 only, I am searching but i dont found, please can you send me the BIOS pages or the links to download.

My email es

thanks for your attention.