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DL380 Gen9 Problem with PLX PEX8112 chip

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DL380 Gen9 Problem with PLX PEX8112 chip


Our company is currently using the PLX PEX8112 based board in DL380 Gen8 workstations and planning to upgrade to DL380 Gen9 servers.. However, we noticed that the above card does not work with Gen9 Servers (we are using firmware version 2.64).

I noticed that there is an archived thread which points to a similar problem:

We went ahead and tested on DL380 Gen10 Servers and it seems to work there. So the issue is seen only on Gen9 machines (we use RHEL 7)

Can the BIOS/firmware engineers from HPE look into this issue. I had previously opened a support ticket, but it was closed saying that HPE does not support any third party card in their machine.

The issue is critical for us to be able to ship HPE servers with our product.


- M


Re: DL380 Gen9 Problem with PLX PEX8112 chip

Hi M, 

Sincere apologies but as stated by the HPE support team, we cannot guarantee on any third party card to work on any of our HPE servers as these are not tested with the same and hence would not be able to provide additional support. 

It may or it may not work. 

Hence I believe you will need to check for different firmware combinations and see if it makes any difference at all on a Gen9 server. 


Shruthi (HPE Employee)

I am an HPE employee
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