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DL380 Gen9 hangs after CTRL+ALT+DEL

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DL380 Gen9 hangs after CTRL+ALT+DEL

I have a strange problem and I wonder if someone else experienced the same....

My DL380 Gen9 (Firmware 05/21/2018) works fine but when I restart it with CTRL+ALT+DEL, for example because I missed to press an F-key in the right time, then it restarts and hangs at the "loading drivers" screen. It does not react to any F-key and the green HPE logo stops pulsing.

The only thing that helps is to power off the server with the power button and restart it that way.

Everything else works perfectly but the server seems not to like the  C+A+D restart. Is this only my server doing this??

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Re: DL380 Gen9 hangs after CTRL+ALT+DEL


Good day,

We might required ceratin detail and it need indept analysis, hence kindly log a HPE support case.



I am an HPE Engineer.

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