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DL380 Gen9 shutdown after P440 error

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DL380 Gen9 shutdown after P440 error

Good day to all,

We have a DL380 Gen9 with a HP Smart Array P440 Controller and a HP 12Gb DL380 Gen9 SAS Expander Card. The OS is Server 2012 R2.
The other day we noticed that the server was shut down. After a short investigation, I discovered that the P440 controller gave a warning, and after that Windows received a shutdown signal which caused the server to shut down.

From the ILO logs, the warning the P440 reported was this:
59 CautionPOST Message02/12/2018 15:3402/12/2018 15:341Option ROM POST Error: 1788-Slot 3 Drive Array Reports Incorrect Drive Replacement

Nobody was present at, or changed anything on the server at the time.

Upon further investigation, I discovered that the same thing happened last september 2017, but no further investigation was done.  So it appears to be a recurring problem.

The iLO and the Smart Storage Administrator report that currently everything is OK. I checked Cissesrv in the Windows event log, but there were no errors reported.

It's a production system, so before we shut it down and check out the hardware I'd like to ask if there is anybody that is familiar with this problem or has any ideas about it. Maybe due to a bug or something else?

Some additional info in the image (appendix)

Thanks in advance for your input.

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Re: DL380 Gen9 shutdown after P440 error

Firmwares are old, isn't? did you checked if iLO4, SystemROM and Smart Array firmware Release Notes report similar (known/solved) issues?

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Erdogan Temur

Re: DL380 Gen9 shutdown after P440 error


This problem for hpe article. but i suggest you update controller and sas expander card  firmware.


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