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DL380 Gen9 with NVIDIA NVS 310 won't boot

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DL380 Gen9 with NVIDIA NVS 310 won't boot

Firstly, the reason for the graphics card is to test some RemoteFX stuff in 2012 R2. I had previously installed a low-end GeForce card successfully, but after failing to get RemoteFX to work (in both Win 7 Ent - with RDP 8.1 - and Win 10 Ent), I decided that RemoteFX didn't like the card.

After a little research I saw a few people recommend the NVS 310 (not the 300 - which only supports DirectX 10), so I bought one on the cheap.

Well, it doesn't work in my server apparently. I tried two different risers (in x16 and x8 lanes) and even disconnected the GPU's tiny fan in case it was causing some weird power spike. Nothing worked.

After turning on, the "Early system initialization" screen gets to 100%,. Then at the bottom it says "Switching console output to Primary Video. Please wait"  before presumably crashing because I am immediately presented with a white, artefacty screen. (The images attached explain better.)

Also, the health LED on the server flashes red once it crashes, indicating some kind of system failure. 

Hoping someone can help or give some insight.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: DL380 Gen9 with NVIDIA NVS 310 won't boot

First of all I would update to the current BIOS 1.52, 1.50 is - IIRC - removed from the web anyway.

Hope this helps!

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