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DL380 HBA + LTO 1760 tape questions

Jerry Hancock
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DL380 HBA + LTO 1760 tape questions

I bought a DL380 G7 for use as an owncloud server.  All is working.  I decided to add LTO-4 tape to it and picked up an HP 1760 that is on the way.  From what I can tell, it has the power broken out of the SAS SSF connector.  I wanted tape instead of disk as one backup medium since I've had bad luck with external disk storage.  I must have 10TBs or more of WD internal or external disks that are bad.  I keep two copies of my data, now there will be three with the tape.

Couple of questions on this config.

1) I added an HBA, part number 614988-b21 as it was listed as being supported in the G7.   I have a P410I, IIRC.  Could I/should I have purchased an H240?  the H240 wasn't listed as being suppored in the G7 but my doc might have been old.

2) I don't know much about SAS drives and the HBA architecture, but it looks like the HBA has a small connector with an external version not unlike the sata/esata format.  I needed a cable to run from that connector on the HBA I bought so I picked one that had the small SAS on one end and the other it had the standard (I assume) SAS HD connector on the other but with power broken out.  this leads me to the question, do the tape and SAS SFF HDDs have the same connector (setting aside the power being broken out)?  I thinkt there are two small SAS connedtors as well.

3) One other question while I'm here, the server is loud when I plug in a SATA HBA.  It isn't HP.  The fans runs up to abut 50% and stay there.  I dont' know if the new SAS HBA will do the same thing, but could I attach my two external archive ESATA drives to the HP SAS HBA (614988-B21) somehow?  I thought  I read you could support sata with the SAS HBA with the right cabling but at a reduced throughput. The SATA drives are for staging while the data is being written to tape.  At least that's the plan.  

By the way, I don;t know if you considered it, but someone suggested I throw my data backups in a briefcase and pitch it in the car trunk. Not a bad idea.  thought I would pass it along.



Re: DL380 HBA + LTO 1760 tape questions

HI Jerry

1) For any G7 we suggest using the P212 controller, H240 is recommended only for Gen9 servers

2) The cable for the drive and controller, if your tape drive is a table mount then your cable should be (AE470A) Spare: 430066-001 and if your tape drive is mounted inside a 1U Rack then the cable would be (AE465A) Spare: 430063-001

I suggest you check the compatibility matrix for the drives which has the cables, matrix pdf file attached 

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